"Aves de Costa Rica" will celebrate the International Bird Festival

International Bird Festival

For three days, Sarapiquí is decked to cater to "birders" with a number of activities including day and night tours of bird watching at Selva Verde Lodge & Rainforest Reserve and an ornithological expedition by boat on the Sarapiquí River to search the most emblematic birds of the region. In addition, workshops and conferences will be held under the slogan: Endemism and migration without borders (Endemismo y migraciones sin fronteras). Some of the talks will highlight: Bird mortality by collision against windows in Costa Rica, a real threat. Environmental ethics and why we need them. The Quetzal's Ecology and habitat requirements. And a recent study on the impacts of climate change based in changes in distribution and diversity of birds of middle elevations on the Costa Rican territory and its ecological implications.

Sarapiqui is located 1.5 hours from San Jose and is one of the most important areas for conservation and bird watching in Costa Rica.In the area it is possible to watch more than 500 species of migratory and resident birds.  In the first edition of the Festival 112 different species were observed during the activities. Funds generated will be invested in research and conservation of the Green Forest Reserve and another part will go to projects of the Costa Rican Ornithological Association. If you are a beginner or an expert this is an excellent opportunity to learn and approach the bird watching in Costa Rica, and contribute to the economy of Sarapiqui. The Festival will be held at the Green Forest reserve that protects 500 acres of primary and secondary forest.

From September  26th  to September 28th the Second Edition of the International Bird Festival in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí, one of the areas of greatest interest to bird watching at Costa Rica, will be celebrated. This activity is aimed to locals and international ornithological community and birds lovers. It will focus on four general approaches: academic, educational, recreational and tourism. The observation and study of birds is an activity that takes greater force in Costa Rican territory, due to the great diversity of species and specificities of each of them, such as behavior, color, condition and relationships with other species of flora and fauna. Costa Rica is home to 909 bird species and in terms of density of species it is the country with the highest rate of birdlife of the world.